Named after Chicago's first Mayor, who was also one of the City's leading developers, Ogden Partners was founded in 1986 to fulfill a need for superior new homes of a quality not seen before in Chicago's emerging central communities. Ogden Partners assembles a team of professionals with proven experience and solid reputations for integrity to design, and builds homes to meet this need. With these teams, Ogden Partners puts over 50 years of combined home building experience into every new home we've built. This experience ensures that every detail of our new homes is engineered to work well and offer lasting value. Our goals in designing and building each home are to offer a great place to live, to use materials and systems that have low maintenance and are long lasting, and for each home to improve in appearance and value as time goes by. Incorporating these goals, Ogden Partners has built and sold over 500 new homes in Chicago's central communities. The chart below summarizes the past projects of Ogden Partners :


 Webster / Lakewood Rowhouses  30 Rowhouses
 Dearborn Park Rowhouses  73 Rowhouses
 Park Homes  12 Single Family Homes
 Metropolitan Mews  48 Rowhouses
 Newgate Square  41 Rowhouses
 Fremont Place  21 Rowhouses
 Newport Place  25 Rowhouses
 East Water Place  56 Rowhouses
 The Madison  94 Condominiums and Retail Space
 Buena Vista  40 Condominiums
 333 South Desplaines  75 Condominiums and Office Space
 Lakewood Place  22 Simplex and Duplex Residences


  • East Water Place Townhouses
    American Institute of Architects
    Distinguished Building Award

  • East Water Place Townhouses
    Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago
    Gold Key Award

  • 333 South Desplaines Lofts
    Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago
    Gold Key Award


Ogden Partners, Inc. is a real estate broker licensed by the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation, and several of the principals of the corporation are also licensees.